Vortex Hookah
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Removable saucer

More comfortable than most shapes

Magnetic connector

Perfectly fast and easy hookah assembly

Mouthpiece holder

One-box solution for different mouthpieces

Removable diffuser

Facilitates smoke draft and filtrates better

Choose your color

Vortex Hookah Dark Matte
$ 105
Main color
Stem, hose, mouthpiece, spring, Saucer, diffuser
To order VORTEX

What will you find in the box?

  • saucer
  • hose
  • mouthpiece
  • mainspring
  • removable diffuser
  • seals

About Us

Vortex - it is a team of like-minded people. We love hookahs and know everything about them. The brand started in April 2020. We made a really good product based on our rich experience. Apart from hookahs, we have also started to produce hookah accessories, which you will learn about very soon.

Vortex Hookah - this is a hookah in which we have combined all the best from top manufacturers at an affordable price. .

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